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When ordering vinyl banners be sure to discuss grommets and reinforcement tape. Banners may be set flat against a surface, free-hanging or standing upright and presented both indoors and outdoors. Many options are available for vinyl banners. Here are common methods of displaying your banners.


Boise Banner Signs Banners and banner signs have a shared history with flags and pennants, both of which have been frequently used to represent countries, organizations, and business companies throughout the course of history. They have come to be a source of pride and a visible representation of whatever entity they are meant to embody, and that makes them an indispensable vehicle for garnering attention. Even today, Boise banners and banner signs are frequently used as a kind of lightning rod to focus attention on an event, a business group, or a situation where audience attention is desirable. At Artsign in Boise, we can custom design any kind of banner or banner sign which you need to promote your company or your special event, to bring in the kind of traffic and interest which you’re hoping to achieve. Below are described some of the types of banners and banner signs which Artsign can design and create for you, so as to effectively represent your event or your business.


Feather Banners  Feather banners are outdoor banners which are constructed such that they flutter in a very pleasing manner, whenever any breeze or light wind comes up. They are also sturdy enough to withstand that wind, as well as any light rain or snow which might develop while they’re being used. Feather banners are excellent for use at festivals, new housing developments, and real estate open houses, so as to call attention to specific events and locations.


Sale Banners  Sale banners are used primarily for indoor applications, and can be very effective at announcing a sale on a specific product. These are generally made to be very colorful, since the whole point is to catch the public eye and generate increased traffic to a specific location where the sale is going on.


Show and Festival Banners  Festivals are always crowded with lots of people, lots of activity, and lots of commotion. That makes it difficult for any single event or location to get more than passing interest from all the people in attendance. However, if you use a custom festival banner created by Artsign, you’ll be able to provide a very colorful and eye-catching reason for all attendees to look your way.


Real Estate Banners  The real estate business is an extremely competitive one, and it’s extremely important to the attention of prospective buyers at a specific house or property. One of the best ways to do this is by preparing a custom real estate banner, crafted by expert Artsign graphic designers who know how to get the attention of prospective buyers. Any kind of size or shape that will contribute to the eye-catching nature of the real estate banner can be incorporated into the overall design.


Holiday Banners  Sometimes the point of using a banner is not so much to make a sale, as it is to generate good public relations with a target audience, by thanking them for past loyalty. Holiday banners provide a perfect vehicle for accomplishing this, and you can have any kind of sentiment included on your holiday banner, to thank your customers for their patronage throughout the year.


Trade Show Banners  Custom banners are excellent for announcing your company’s presence at a trade show, because they have a huge impact on funneling traffic to your location, but require very little floor space. Most booths and setup areas at conventions have limited floor space to work with, so a custom trade show banner is ideal for maximizing available area. You can get really creative with trade show banners by making them vertically oriented, so that visitors all over the room will see your banner rising above the crowd.


Backdrop Banners  Backdrop Boise banners signs from Artsign are those which are often used at trade shows and special events to provide a backdrop for photo sessions. The value of setting up banners like this is that your company name will be visible numerous times in every single photo taken during the event, and that of course carries its own effective marketing and advertising strategy.


Banner Stands  Boise Banner signs stands are most often used indoors, and primarily at trade shows and other events where they can be easily transported and set up quickly for use. Retractable banner stands are perfect for this kind of work, because they can be set up and taken down very quickly, and yet are extremely effective in operation. Banner stands can also be used with multiple different banners, to accommodate displays for various events that might occur throughout the year.

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