Writing a blog is like a digital “Show and Tell” . My web guy requires this of me.
Set goals. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and yearly. My business coach requires this of me.
Track income and expenses. My CPA requires this of me.
Walk daily. My dog requires this of me.

Do the right thing. Every time. I require this of myself and staff.
It is easy to get upset and downright discouraged when I hear of a customer going elsewhere because of a really low price quote. Not because our price wasn’t the lowest but because what the customer gets down the street isn’t what I quoted in the first place. Regardless of these losses I continue to do the right thing. That might require losing money on a job I underbid. This sometimes requires an apology. Other times it can be re-doing a job.
When it comes to the sign business there are multiple opportunities of learning to do the right thing. If a deadline is drawing near and artwork is a challenge we might need to help the customer out. If a ride is needed when dropping off a vehicle for graphics then we pick up our keys and do that. Working late when we promised a job? That’s us. We are “yes” people. Yes to the web guy; yes to the coach; yes to the accountant and yes to doing the right thing.

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