At we all answer the phones throughout the day. Do you….? Can you…? are questions we hear daily. The answer is usually “it depends”.

With a CNC router and a full automatic press for screen printing UV inks there is more opportunity to produce custom prototypes, unique signage and permanent screen printed items than a mind can grasp.

We recently received a phone call asking if we could screen print on fluorescent orange flags. We always like to see the product, as that can mean a variety of things. This particular job was for water ski flags waved when a skier is down.

These skier down flags came to us rolled up and with sticks attached which posed a couple of unique challenges. Setting up the screen for printing meant the flag sticks would need to hang off the edge of the vacuum table and the vacuum suction would only hold down half of the flag. In addition to that, there was an imprinted logo of the flag manufacturer that limited the size of the logo. Obviously the client wanted their logo as large as possible.

While this is the first screen print of this type, it won’t be our last. So when you phone us with your questions, don’t be intimidated by our answers. We just have more questions.

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