In the sign industry there is a common problem associated with artwork development and fees. For most, it makes sense that if you hire an advertising agency or freelance graphic designer that you would indeed be expected to pay for a logo design or graphics package. But if you are ordering a sign you shouldn’t have to pay for artwork.

When someone walks through the front door of our shop a discussion about artwork inevitably ensues.

It goes something like this:

“Do you have artwork”?

“I have this”, and they set a business card on the counter their spouse ordered online that came with stock images.

“That’s not artwork”, we explain. We then proceed to inform them that if they want vehicle graphics we will have to “re-create” their logo. They are almost always confused.

We price artwork and explain that we will give them their logo/design in a file format; .pdf, .ai or .eps. Once you pay us for this we believe it belongs to you. Too many sign companies charge for artwork, then hijack it if you want to go somewhere else or need it for apparel. If we can’t keep you happy and you want to go somewhere else, then by all means we will turn the files over to you. It’s just the right thing to do.

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