It happens once a day…on average. A potential customer wants a price for vehicle graphics. They don’t know if they want a wrap or just their logo. It depends, they say, on the price.

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I start by saying we might not be the lowest price so if they are price shopping they may want to keep looking. That piques their attention. I believe in putting the best advertising on the road for them, depending on several parameters, not merely price.

First off, I believe it is an absolute waste for any business to go without vehicle graphics, especially if the vehicles are on the road most of the day. With sign codes and ever increasing limitations on what is allowable for street or building signage it is imperative to take advantage of a rolling billboard.

Secondly I believe money spent on vehicle graphics, whether a partial or full wrap is to be viewed as an investment, not an expense.

That being said I think a partial wrap can be just as effective for a fraction of the cost for the majority of businesses. I believe asking the proper questions about their goals…speaking about their target audience, budget and how long they want to have the graphics. Sometimes customers want basic spot graphics, or cut vinyl for a short period of time until they unveil a new brand or new product line.

The bottom line is that I hate to see people waste their money. I also hate to see businesses go without vehicle advertising. I will work with anyone and any budget but feel it is important to have a conversation about vehicle graphics, before I price them.

boise vehicle wraps auto wraps car wraps


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